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Micro Focus ValueEdge™

A Fully Integrated
End-to-End Value Stream Management Platform

A software development cloud-based platform to visualize and manage the flow of value.

Value Stream Management is not just a strategy.
It's an imperative.

DevOps, CI/CD cloud-native design, open source tools, and microservices have transformed enterprise software development. But these innovations foster inefficiencies across decentralized development and deployment teams.

Fortunately, value stream management can help you strategically align your business priorities with product delivery.

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Rethink Application Software Design and Delivery

ValueEdge delivers end-to-end value stream management in a single, modular, cloud-based platform. It works with your commercial and open source tools to align business objectives with development resources.

ValueEdge Strategy

Strategic Portfolio Management

Define and incorporate your organization’s critical business objectives. Use comprehensive scenario and portfolio product planning to deliver superior business outcomes.

  • Define business objectives and key results.
  • Manage program and strategy execution.
  • Compare scenarios and balance outcomes with what-ifs.

ValueEdge Agile

Agile Management

Employ Agile and DevOps best practices to track both application release backlog and pipeline progress through your entire lifecycle.

  • Agile and DevOps management
  • Team backlog management
  • Releases and sprints
  • Pipeline management
  • Agile dashboard

ValueEdge Quality

Quality Management

Manage critical continuous quality parameters across your key development phases. Enable end-to-end traceability and automated workflow processes.

  • Interactive quality management
  • Test management and execution
  • Continuous pipeline management
  • Team backlog management

ValueEdge Perform

Performance Engineering

Virtualize service loads and emulate real-world user behavior. Ensure predictable enterprise-class performance at scale.

  • Performance test design and execution
  • Performance test analytics
  • Service virtualization
  • Dynamic, cloud-based scaling

ValueEdge Functional Test

Functional Testing

Employ business-centric, model-based testing, mobile device evaluation, and test-run optimization.

  • Coded and codeless test design.
  • Business centric model-based testing.
  • Mobile emulation lab.
  • Test scheduling and execution.
  • Insight-based test run optimization.
  • AI-based machine vision service.

ValueEdge Release

Release Management

Manage your entire release process from code to delivery. Administer artifacts while automating deployment processes.

  • Code to cash delivery
  • Release governance
  • Release orchestration
  • Real-time guardrails
  • Code and artifact management
  • Environment and provisioning
  • Deployment automation

ValueEdge Ops

Operations Management

Leverage enterprise service management capabilities and monitoring services to maximize resource use and business continuity.

  • Enterprise service management
  • Service monitoring
  • Real-time guardrails
  • Operational resource management
  • Operations as code
  • Self-service portal

ValueEdge Platform Services

Core Platform Services

Data-driven foundational services leverage advanced analytics to support business applications.

  • Collaboration
  • Intelligent automation
  • Security
  • Compliance

ValueEdge Insights

Value Stream Insights

Visualize flow and value via customizable, persona-based dashboards through each phase of a product value stream.

Following on from successful deployment of Micro Focus analytics tools, Jaguar TCS Racing is excited to explore how the Micro Focus ValueEdge VSM platform can help us gain a competitive edge in the fast-paced world of Formula E.

James Barclay
Team Principal
Jaguar TCS Racing

The ValueEdge Difference

Go beyond basic reporting with ValueEdge. Automate key tasks, power continuous integration, oversee real-time pipeline development, and manage product and feature priorities.

True end-to-end strategy to delivery administration.

Intelligent data-driven analytics and learning.

Next-gen continuous quality across value streams.

AI-powered smart automation.

Actionable insight and traceability across your software development lifecycle.

Designed for the hybrid cloud and beyond.

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