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The Micro Focus ValueEdge value stream management platform is a flexible, cloud-based solution that delivered fully managed services for any organization. It goes beyond traditional value stream management solutions that typically are limited to providing analytics but cannot effectively take the necessary actions to predict and respond to ensure software delivery product and value creation success.

Platform Empowers

Employ an end-to-end, cloud-based,
value stream
management platform

Get a unified, modular cloud platform to plan, build, deliver, and run digital products.

business value
and effectiveness

Discover, visualize, and manage the flow of value from strategy to delivery with easy-to-deploy AI and analytics.

and efficiency

Integrate ValueEdge with your toolchains to improve productivity and remove friction in the value stream with smart automation.


Stand out by providing exceptional customer experiences. High-quality value stream insights help you manage risk and streamline delivery.

A Platform
Designed for the Cloud

The modular platform design gives you the flexibility to start with as many services as you’d like. Tailor ValueEdge to best suit your organization’s toolchain. Its intuitive, unified user interface and prebuilt connectors make deployment and value generation quick and easy.

ValueEdge Insights

AI-powered capabilities provide the visibility to make effective decisions and improvements that balance value, quality and risk

ValueEdge Services
Powered by AI Analytics and Smart Automation
ValueEdge Strategy

Define your critical business objectives via comprehensive scenario & portfolio planning

ValueEdge Agile

Employ state-of-the-art Agile and DevOps best practices to track app release backlog & pipeline progress

ValueEdge Quality

Manage continuous quality parameters with end-to-end traceability & automated workflow processes

ValueEdge Functional Test

Employ business-centric model-based testing, mobile device evaluation, and test run optimization

ValueEdge Perform

Virtualize service loads and emulate real-world user behavior to ensure predictable enterprise-class performance at scale

ValueEdge Release

Manage your entire release process from code to delivery & administer artifacts while automating deployment processes


Leverage enterprise service management capabilities & monitoring services to maximize resource utilization & business continuity

AI Analytics and Smart Automation

ValueEdge Strategy

  • Define business objectives & key results
  • Program & strategy execution management
  • Strategy to outcome
  • What-ifs, compare scenarios & balance outcomes


  • Agile & DevOps work management
  • Team backlog management
  • Releases & sprints
  • Pipeline management
  • Agile dashboard

ValueEdge Quality

  • Interactive quality management
  • Test management & execution
  • Continuous pipeline management
  • Team backlog management

ValueEdge Perform

  • Performance test design and execution
  • Performance test analytics
  • Service virtualization
  • Dynamic, cloud-based scaling

ValueEdge Functional Test

  • Coded & codeless test design
  • Business-centric model-based testing
  • Mobile emulation lab
  • Test scheduling & Execution
  • Insight-based test run optimization
  • AI/machine vision service

ValueEdge Release

  • Code to cash delivery
  • Release governance
  • Release orchestration
  • Code and artifact management
  • Environment & provisioning
  • Deployment automation

ValueEdge Ops

  • Enterprise service management​
  • Service monitoring​
  • Real-time guardrails​
  • Operational resource management​
  • Operations as code​
  • Self-service portal​

A Platform
Designed for the Cloud

Our ValueEdge architecture is where it all starts. We designed it from the ground up as a seamless, cloud-based platform powered by an advanced data lake, common data model, robust integration hub, with predictive AI-powered analytics.

The result is a service solution that easily integrates with your existing toolchains today. And through its open API microservices, it incorporates new innovations for tomorrow.

Insights & Analytics

Role Based
Widgets & Graphs
Value Stream
Alerts &
Open Analytics
API | SDK | 0Data

Managment & Orchestration

Strategic Portfolio
Performance | Functional | Security

AI Engine

Metric Framework
Trends | Statistics | Benchmarks
Machine Learning
Correlations | RCA | Anomaly Detection
Advanced Analytics
NLP | Deep Learning | OCR

Federated Data Fabric

Data Lake
Common Data Model
Value Stream Query Language

Integration Hub

Extendible Connectors | Flexible Integration | Model Alignment


ValueEdge features over 100 pre-built commercial and open source integrations so you can leverage your existing software development tool environment without disruption or delay.

Learn how ValueEdge seamlessly works in your environment

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